Bridging the Gap for Cancer Patients, Providers, & Payers

Ensuring Radiation Oncology Services Stay Close To Home.

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Bridge Oncology Mission Statement

The Bridge Between Barriers and Opportunities

Significant barriers to cancer treatment are faced by millions of Americans living in rural
areas ranging from a lack of specialized resources, including peer review, to poor support for complex treatments.

Bridge Oncology eliminates barriers by deploying a distributed care coordination service which integrates physicians, physicists, dosimetrists, and revenue cycle professionals efficiently connected by specialized software platforms.

Rural populations, which comprise 15% to 20% of the US population, consistently have higher mortality rates that urban populations. Additional challenges include: uneven workforce distribution, travel distance, and financial burdens.

Bridge Oncology provides rural communities with experienced radiation oncologists, effectual peer review, and operational experts to ensure that cancer patients have consistency in their radiation oncology care path.

Currently there is a shortage of oncologists and support staff practicing in rural areas, with only 11.2% of US Oncologist working full-time in these geographic areas. Shortages throughout rural healthcare settings create a barrier to overall service line operations.

Bridge Oncology establishes accurate and efficient care from expert providers and support staff, which ensures that geography is not a barrier to access, quality, or value.

How It Works

Integrated and Unified

Bridge Oncology offers a unified and integrated ecosystem and comprehensive model that is a cutting-edge approach to healthcare bringing together radiation oncology physicians, dosimetry, physics, advanced practice provider (APP) education, billing/coding/compliance, and IT infrastructure to create a seamless and comprehensive healthcare experience for patients.

Subscription based
business model

Bridge Oncology offers a business model that provides cash flow neutral services, specifically for coverage in underserved areas, based on community need to ensure quality radiation oncology services.

We recruit and train staff

Bridge Oncology educates, trains, and staffs radiation oncology-specific Nurse Practitioners who can be placed at your facility to guarantee coverage in your oncology practice while also supplementing other operational management aspects.

Connected for transparency
and quality

Our software and services integrate and standardize care for your patients while ensuring economic viability and quality from the front office visit to follow up care.

The Differentiator

Bridge Oncology offers an integrated solution that brings together RCM, prior authorization, physician and physics /dosimetry coverage with our specialty trained advanced care practitioners “bridging” the gap to ensure standardization, financial optimization, and patient access to care.


Our proprietary platform utilizes legacy data and connections with payers and those with long term influence in the space to drive covered value. 


We utilize transparent software that unifies data and creates visible workflows and task prioritization across the current practice landscape. Precise integration with current EHR/EMR/ & PM systems create operational and clinical pathways that are value driven.


This unique ecosystem “bridges” gaps and barriers to reduce process friction and increase quality for the patient and their care path. 

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