Our Providers

Bridge Oncology stands as a pioneer in delivering hybrid physician care in radiation oncology ensuring access to quality care. Physicians who have joined Bridge Oncology to deliver care to our partners and clients, have experienced enhanced work-life balance, and have seamlessly become integral members of the team.

Bridge Oncology collaborates extensively with CMS, payers, state entities, legal professionals, and various stakeholders to facilitate autonomy and flexibility of physician practice within the framework of prevailing rules and regulations. Our commitment to data, diligence, and expertise played a pivotal role in the expansion tele-health services, such as, Direct Virtual Supervision in the 2024 MPFS Final Rule.

Our Model

Our Model for Physician Services provides an infrastructure that supports hybrid physician presence. This allows for quality patient care delivery in a distributive framework. 

On-Site Activities for Physicians Include, But Are Not Limited to:

  • Patient Consultations
  • Patient Follow Up Visits
  • Supervision of High Dose (SRS/SBRT) Treatment Delivery
  • Supervision of CT Simulations
  • Weekly On-Treatment Visits


Remote Activities for Physicians Include, But Are Not Limited to: 

  • Patient Consultations
  • Patient Follow up Visits
  • Image Guidance Review and Approval
  • Attendance at any Practice Specific Tumor Boards, Cancer Committee Meetings, etc
  • Attendance at Peer Reviewed Chart Rounds with Bridge Oncology Physicians
  • Documentation and Necessary Order Placement

Radiation Oncology State Licensure

Physicians we partner with are licensed across the United States.

Interested in Joining the Provider Network?

Bridge Oncology places a strong emphasis on the work-life balance of radiation oncologists. We are always seeking skilled and compassionate physicians that want to explore opportunities to provide exceptional clinical care in a hybrid (remote + on-site) capacity.


If you are interested in learning more, please fill out the below form or email us at bridge@bridgeoncology.com.