At Bridge Oncology, we go beyond understanding to provide a comprehensive approach to cancer care. Our strength lies in optimizing clinical workflows and reducing operational expenses. We actively engage in both clinical and administrative capacities to support our esteemed partners. Central to our success is our proprietary workflow management system, fostering transparency, adaptability, and exceptional value. Balancing infrastructure and service delivery at the point of cancer care is essential for sustainability. At Bridge Oncology, we are dedicated to maintaining this equilibrium. We ensure seamless healthcare operations and offer unmatched support to our valued partners.

Hybrid Physician Services

The adoption of a hybrid physician strategy, combining onsite and remote virtual availability, has emerged as a transformative paradigm in delivering higher quality oncology care, particularly in the rural and community-based settings. This innovative model not only addresses the challenges of healthcare accessibility but is also the preferred method of care delivery by physicians, affording them increased flexibility in work-life balance and employment.

At Bridge Oncology, our mission is to create long-standing partnerships with health systems and radiation oncology practices, to provide physician presence in a hybrid model. Our radiation oncologists seamlessly become integral members of the service line and the team, fostering growth, and strengthening relationships with referring providers, patients, and the community. This approach ensures continuous state-of-the-art and peer-reviewed care, ultimately enhancing the quality of patient care delivery.  


The hybrid physician model comprises both on-site and remote virtual components, the allocation of which is dependent on department volume, case mix, and case complexity. The onsite component ensures that physicians can deliver hands-on, in-person care when needed, fostering a stronger connection with patients and supervision for tasks requiring on-site presence. Simultaneously, the remote virtual availability allows physicians to offer timely consultations and visits as well as engage in collaborative discussions with colleagues regardless of geographical constraints. This dual approach results in a more comprehensive and flexible patient care strategy.

Additionally, with Bridge Oncology’s roster of proficient and board-certified radiation oncologists, there is a foundation for conducting peer review at every stage of the treatment care plan, from creation to delivery. Physicians interested in joining Bridge Oncology to deliver care to our partners and clients emphasize the importance of peer review provided by Bridge Oncology. This aspect is crucial for them when considering our opportunities, as it ensures they never feel isolated or unsupported.


Importantly, the hybrid model contributes to an enhanced work-life balance for physicians. The appeal of being able to offer care in both on-site and virtual settings is instrumental in recruiting and retaining physicians in rural geographical locations, where they might not otherwise consider seeking employment. 

In conclusion, the hybrid physician approach not only elevates the quality of oncology patient care but also revolutionizes the dynamics of medical practice, fostering collaboration, improving work-life balance, and ensuring a more consistent and accessible healthcare experience for both patients and healthcare providers. Bridge Oncology stands as a pioneer in delivering hybrid physician care in radiation oncology, and we look forward to being of assistance to your health system and/or practice in this regard.


Bridge Oncology has a very unique distinction from others in the space and that is its deep understanding and involvement in the legal aspects of healthcare and healthcare transactions.


Legal expertise and services include:

Medical Physics Service

Our DABR Medical Physics, we take immense pride in our team of seasoned and certified Medical Physicists, who possess the expertise you seek and the utmost professionalism you rightfully expect. With an extensive track record of commissioning numerous linear accelerators, our proficiency spans across all major vendors. We steadfastly keep our skills abreast with the latest advancements and emerging technologies in our field, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of innovation.


One of our key strengths lies in our geographically distributed team of physicists, which enables increased availability and cost-effectiveness. Despite our diverse locations, we are seamlessly unified through our advanced software platforms, promoting efficient collaboration and consistent high-quality services across the board. With DABR Medical Physics, you can be assured of receiving unparalleled expertise, reliability, and forward-looking solutions to meet your medical physics needs.

Technology Implementation

  • Linac Acceptance and commissioning
  • Treatment planning system commissioning
  • Special procedure commissioning (SBRT, SRS, HDR)

Shielding & Design

  • Linear Accelerator Vault
  • CT and PET/CT Shielding
  • Brachytherapy Shielding

Clinical Physics Services

  • Remote and onsite clinical support
  • Peer review
  • Radiation safety
  • Brachytherapy support

Medical Dosimetry Service

With an extensive background spanning over two decades in Dosimetry Services, we proudly stand as industry leaders in both medical physics and medical dosimetry. Notably, our team has been at the forefront of innovation, being pioneers in remote dosimetry for more than 15 years. As a testament to our commitment to excellence, our quality and efficiency remain unrivaled in the field.


We recognize the paramount importance of adhering to established protocols and standards based on the latest scientific research. To ensure this, our collaborative approach involves close coordination with physicians, facilitating peer reviews of plans to meet the highest quality benchmarks.


Transparency is a hallmark of our service, and our cutting-edge software provides you with full visibility at every stage of the planning process. With us, you can be assured of receiving top-notch dosimetry solutions, backed by extensive experience, innovative practices, and unwavering dedication to delivering optimal results for your medical needs.

Treatment Planning Support

  • Remote and Onsite
  • Experts with all TPS
  • Experts in all TP techniques